As a caregiver, you likely know the stress that can come from driving from appointment to appointment, and getting your loved one where they need to be on time. Our transportation services are here to help!

Another great benefit of PACE CNY is that we have our own transportation for PACE participants to take them to/from the Day Center, Clinic, outside doctor appointments, outside activities, and aqua therapy. The Inter-Disciplinary Team may approve a request for aqua therapy if it meets a participant’s medical, physical, emotional or social need. We also transport participants to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Crouse Hospital and the contracted skilled nursing facilities.

All PACE CNY drivers go through an extensive screening process and vigorous training to ensure that they will provide safe, friendly and courteous transportation for all the PACE CNY program participants.

Transportation runs:

  • To and From Day Center
  • To and From Clinic
  • To and From Specialists’ Appointments
  • To and From Outside Activities
  • To and From Aqua Therapy