Medical Equipment

As a participant in the PACE CNY program, we’ll take care of the equipment, so you can have peace of mind that your loved one is receiving everything they need.

PACE CNY provides ALL equipment that is approved by the Inter-Disciplinary Team, such as walkers, specialized wheelchairs, hospital beds, tub transfer benches and mechanical lifts. In addition, oxygen therapy, wound care, incontinence and diabetic supplies are also provided.

PACE CNY also arranges for a personal emergency response system (Lifeline) for our participants.

The PACE CNY Durable Medical Equipment (DME) department and staff are responsible for procuring, delivering and installing the equipment needs of our participants with internal as well as external sources, based on the care plan determined by the team. The Inter-Disciplinary team may approve a request for DME if it meets a participant’s medical, physical, emotional or social need.