Why should I consider PACE CNY?

It gives people the option to continue living in the community as long as possible. It’s an integrated, comprehensive, coordinated health care program. It offers one-stop shopping for all health care needs. It takes steps to keep participants as healthy and independent as possible.

How do I enroll in PACE CNY?

Call PACE CNY at 315-452-5800 and ask to speak to an Intake Specialist. Our staff will fully explain the PACE CNY program. If you are interested, we will schedule a “no charge” home visit to assess your needs and collect information to begin the assessment process.

Can I enroll in PACE CNY if I am not eligible for Medicaid?

Yes, if a person does not qualify for Medicaid, he or she is responsible for the portion of the monthly premium Medicaid would pay. PACE CNY staff will provide information on Medicaid eligibility requirements.

Are medications covered?

Yes. Once enrolled in the PACE CNY program you are enrolled in Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. All prescriptions and non-prescription drugs deemed necessary by PACE CNY interdisciplinary care team are paid by PACE CNY.

Do I have to go to the Day Center?

No. Day Center attendance is based on an individual’s needs.

What is an average day like at the Day Center?

The Day Center is a social daycare center with on-site medical care, nursing care, and rehabilitation therapy. The Day Center’s large activity area is a place for participants to socialize, participate in activities and special program, enjoy entertainment, and share meals. Whirlpool bath and aqua therapy is available if determined medically necessary by the PACE CNY team. There is also a personal care shower area. The services of a beautician are available on-site on a fee for service basis.

How do I get to the Day Center?

PACE CNY provides transportation to the Day Center, at no cost. Transportation is not only provided between the home and Day Center, but also to appointments with specialists and other outside activities when family is not able to transport.

What happens if I enroll in PACE CNY and I don’t like it?

You may disenroll from PACE CNY by informing the program orally or writing a letter to the program before the 10th of the month, to be disenrolled at the end of the month.

What hospital do you contract with for care?

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center and Crouse Hospital.

How much aide service will I receive?

The number of days you attend Day Center, amount of home care services and rehab services you receive are determined through your team assessment. Each participant has a plan tailored to their specific needs. An individualized care plan is developed by the team and presented to you prior to enrollment.

Who may benefit from PACE CNY?

The following are situations that may indicate a need for, or benefit from enrolling in the PACE CNY program:

  • Lacks Care Management
  • Fragmented medical care and support services
  • Recent hospitalization due to illness or injury that has resulted in decreased functional ability
  • History of multiple or frequent emergency room visits, hospital admissions, or short-term nursing home stays
  • Frequent falls
  • Forgetting medications
  • Social isolation
  • Caregiver burnout
  • Wants to live at home but requires support of others to do so
  • Involved in an adult daycare program but frequently misses attendance due to medical frailty or inability to use or pay for transportation

Will PACE CNY take my Social Security or SSI checks?

No. PACE CNY participants stay in control of their finances.

If I belong to another Medicare HMO can I also enroll in the PACE CNY service plan?

No. You can only enroll in one Medicare health plan. By enrolling in the PACE CNY plan you will automatically be disenrolled from your current Medicare HMO.

Is PACE CNY a nursing home?

No. PACE CNY is an alternative to nursing home placement. The goal of PACE CNY is to help you live in your own home with the support of PACE CNY services.

Can I keep my own primary care physician (PCP)?

Not at this time. When you enroll in PACE CNY you are assigned a PCP who works with The PACE CNY team to coordinate all care. (Except if your MD is a community waiver doctor contracting with PACE CNY)

Who are PACE CNY's MD listed as PACE CNY Community Waiver Physicians?

Dr. Jeanne Bishop, Dr. Bragman, Dr. Andrea Berg, Dr. Dennis Daly, Dr. David Page, Dr. Suzanne Lamanna