Hospital Inpatient Services

Hospital Inpatient Services means diagnostic or treatment services provided in a hospital to a PACE CNY participant admitted to that hospital. This includes:

  • Semi-private room and board (private room when medically necessary)
  • General medical and nursing services (private duty nursing services when medically necessary)
  • Medical, surgical, intensive care, coronary care unit services as medically necessary
  • Laboratory tests, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures
  • Drugs and biologicals
  • Blood and blood derivatives
  • Surgical care, including the use of anesthesia
  • Oxygen use
  • Physical, occupational and respiratory therapies and speech-language pathology
  • Medical social services and discharge planning
  • Ambulance services
  • Emergency Room care and Treatment Room services

Inpatient hospital services do NOT include non-medical items primarily for your personal convenience such as telephone, radio or television rentals, unless determined to be medically necessary.

St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center and Crouse Hospital are PACE CNY's network providers.